Become a Member and Join Us on the Water

If you’ve wanted to give paddling a try, if you desire to spend more time on the water, or if you possess a passion for water sports, you are the “perfect paddler” for the La Crosse Paddling Club.

It does not matter if you are male or female, tall or short, strong and fit or desiring to be more active. We welcome anyone who has an interest in paddling to join us. Age, gender, and experience are irrelevant. We truly are an OPEN boat. Anyone can come aboard at any time!

Paddling teams: inquire about a team membership.

Membership Benefits are Priceless

  • Share your paddling interests and passion with like-minded souls
  • Learn from others or share your knowledge in a no-pressure, safe environment
  • Network and experience lasting friendships through paddling and social activities
  • Explore new waterways in the area
  • View the Coulee Region’s wildlife, flora, and bluffs while on the water
  • Experiment with paddling sports that may be new to you
  • Paddle without having to invest in all the essential equipment, including watercraft, paddles and life vests
  • Participate in “open paddle” activities at no cost
  • Attend various trainings and educational sessions for FREE or at a reduced cost

Choose the Membership Level that Works Best for You!